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What are the LoveMyLotto lottery syndicates?

Love My Lotto syndicate offers a great chance of winning a range of lotteries. You can now play a syndicate which covers the UK National lottery, Euromillions, Daily play, and even premium bonds.

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LoveMyLotto is the leading National Lottery Syndicate. Each syndicate consists of 21 people, and there are various levels of syndicate depending on how much you want to invest, from £10 a month for the entry level, up to £34 a month for the full package. The £34 a month syndicate includes:

  • 28 Entries into Daily Draw
  • 40 Entries into Wed UK Lottery
  • 24 Entries into Fri EuroMillions
  • 24 Entries into Millionaire Raffle
  • 40 Entries into Sat UK Lottery
  • 40 Entries in Premium Bond Draw

Its well documented that a syndicate wins 1 in every 4 prizes paid out by the lottery, so why dont you increase your chances of winning a major prize by joining a Love My Lotto syndicate today.

With Lovemylotto you can cover all the major lotteries in one single payment, so you will get more value for money, and infact if you play the gold package, for £34 per month, it works out at 17p per play, for all your lotteries, uk lottery, euromillions and premium bonds.

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